My name is Karin and I work as a fashion blogger and instagrammer. With my work I teach women and girls of all ages how to dress more feminine, elegantly but at the same time follow the latest trends.

At the same time, I show them that there is no need to be ashamed of being women. It’s just beautiful to be a woman! It’s beautiful to be brave but fragile. Strong, but able to show vulnerability and not be ashamed of what we feel, how we experience things and that we follow more feelings than reason.

However, I have a feeling that nowadays femininity is disappearing from our world. Everyone is suddenly a feminist, wants to be the CEO of the biggest companies and prove that she can do it even better than any man. We wanted to be so equal to men that we have become them. In behavior, style of expression, but also in the way we dress.

And I would like to change that with my blog. With my content I want to give women space to be proud of being feminine. So that they won’t be ashamed to manifest it in clothing, behavior and taking care of themselves.

With love

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