Autumn is already here and the weather is changing as it gets, but we finally have a season of layering, ankle boots and pumpkin spice lattes back.

As is already known, with every period comes changes in the fashion industry. That’s why I’ve created a series of Trending seasons in a given year, so you’re in it and know what’s going on in that season and what was in the last one.

I realise that the world is now dealing with completely different issues than what will or will not be worn. However, focusing on fashion and simply on anything other than what is happening in the world at the moment helps me to manage it mentally at least a little better.
Of course, it is still important not to forget to follow regulations, strengthen your immunity – with collagen, vitamins, or various food supplements, be active, keep the distance, use disinfection and wear a face mask.

I just wanted to note that I’m not downsidling this situation, but I believe that all of us need at least a tiny distraction from it.

Once we’ve cleared it up, let’s take a look together at the latest trends!

Oversized flannel shirt

An extremely popular trend, as it appeared in almost all affordable stores (Zara, H&M…) and can also be easily found in your parents’ closet or in second-hands. I introduce youthere – large flannel shirts. You can find them in a variety of colours or designs and they can be beautifully layered which is great.

Bottega Veneta
Slip on – Chelsea boots

As is customary, autumn weather is known for its dryness and it has not long to wait for itself. However, this was the perfect opportunity to pull off another trend, which is Bottega Veneta boots. This shoe type is such a mix of all autumn shoes – Wellingtons, slip ons and chelsea boots in one. BV have recently invested in a marketing campaign, so no wonder you’ll now see their mixed shoes on every bigger star and enjoy a lot of replicas.

Material: Leather

The most desirable material will definitely be leather. It does not matter if it will be a coat, skirt, dress, kratasy, leggings, shoes, hats… just everything that is leather will be this fall on fire.

Please consider the environment and try to invest in a faux-leather alternative that lasts longer and does not start to sming right away, but above all do not buy genuine leather. The planet will thank you, and so will I.

Leather shorts

I succumbed to the trend of leather shorts as well, but actually for quite a long time I was looking for the perfect fit. However, as is customary for me, they found me alone when I went shoping for something completely different.

This piece is absolutely must have for autumn 2020, because it can be worn in a million ways, layered, combined and you will still look great in it.

Model: Geometry (agryle, plaids)

Various geometric shapes, knits, checked patterns and all in colors from the fabric of the world will prevail. We’ll see them on coats, sets, boots, handbags or hats. The comeback is also experienced by checked, knitted vests, entirely on the style of an Oxford student, or socialist teenage fashion.

Which trend do(don’t) you like? Let me know down in the comments!

With love